In Loving Memory of Klaus Saurugger

We are beyond saddened and shocked to share that our dearest friend and supporter Mr Klaus Saurugger passed away this week. Klaus was an unparalleled supporter of Life Vision Academy, and we would not have such an amazing school standing today if it were not for him.

We have no words to explain the grief we have felt for the past few days. We are heartbroken that Klaus could not see this amazing place come to life. He believed in our children, in their future, and in our organisation with his full heart at such a crucial time.

As the Founder-CEO of Lopoca, Klaus and his team committed to building our entire school infrastructure to give hundreds of children a new home. Klaus will always be remembered for building this school, which not only has given children in Nepal a school, but a lifetime to remember how beautiful life can be.

We will be naming our middle school building after our dear friend as the Klaus Saurugger Wing. He will always be with us in spirit and in the smiles of the children who have and will receive education in this school because of him.

His spirit and love will always remain with us and his selfless act will always shine high with the smiles of the children he's made a difference to. May the universe give strength to his family, friends and the Lopoca family. You have made a difference, Klaus, and you will forever be remembered with our school.

Love and light, 
The CYF Family