The Haushala Cooperative

The word Haushala means "encouragement" in Nepali.

In our cooperative, we encourage women from disadvantaged backgrounds and marginalised communities to build financial independence and social strength together. We offer free knitting and sewing trainings. Visit our online store to support our artisans.

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The Haushala cooperative was founded by Children and Youth First in January 2013. Located in the urban periphery of Kathmandu, Haushala provides unique opportunities for women of all ages in a safe, creative environment. This cooperative is unlike any other: while half of all profits return to the female artisans, they choose to donate the other half to the boarding school Life Vision Academy for underprivileged kids and teens.

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In Nepal, women affectionately call each other didis, meaning sisters. The didis who work together at Haushala have all overcome personal hardship and are defying traditional gender roles by becoming entrepreneurs. At Haushala, these women are taking their lives into their own hands by putting their handiwork into yours. Come meet them and read their stories of triumph and transformation. 

Meet our didis:    

At Haushala, we create a space where women can come together to realize their potential. By purchasing their handmade products, you are contributing to the well-being of these women and to their children and communities. Come and take a look at the beautiful products they have crafted and consider supporting your sisters through conscious consumerism. All profits go directly to benefit the artisans and support Life Vision Academy.

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