We need your help to cover the emergency expenses of taking in 10 unexpected children. Rather than usual applicants to our school, these are children who require urgent rescue. Our new school year begins in April. We need your help in order to bring them into our home and sustainably provide for their safety, education, and healthcare.

Our first emergency rescues of the year were three young siblings from Goldhunga, Nepal. Their case was brought to our attention by Maya Nepal. The children were facing highly-risky living conditions and were malnourished, requiring immediate care. 

Soon after, we were introduced to two siblings from Rasuwa, who also needed immediate rescue. Their parents had left them abandoned in their village, and they were struggling to survive in the cold winter. They were shivering and hungry when discovered by our friend Gyanu and brought to us.

In addition to sustaining the education and safety of these five children, we also need to open our home as soon as possible to five other children we recently found in our village. They are living and working in a brick factory, and they desperately want to go to school. To bring them in, we need funds to cover their textbooks, additional bunk beds, and food costs for each child.

To learn more about how sponsor and support these children, please send us a message below, or visit our donate page to contribute any amount.

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