Volunteer FAQs 

Are you interested in joining CYF? You can apply to volunteer with us in a variety of ways, both in Nepal and beyond. Read through these frequently asked questions, then get in touch to apply or learn more.


how can i volunteer with cyf?

1. You can be a residential volunteer at Life Vision Academy (LVA) for 4-12 weeks.
2. If you have a particular skill, such as teaching guitar or coaching basketball, you can visit LVA regularly to hold classes for our students.
3. You can come to LVA with your group, family or organisation to implement a group service project with us.
4. You can join us an intern in the Haushala Creatives office in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur.
5. You can intern remotely on our USA team from anywhere in the world.
6. You can become a youth ambassador or family ambassador and fundraise in your home community.

What are the Application requirements?

Volunteers' requirements and qualifications will vary with each position and project. Generally, a statement of intent and resume will be required to apply. All residential volunteers will also be asked for a background check or police report from their community.

Is CYF accepting residential volunteers right now?

We are currently booked for volunteers between April-May 2019, and from September-December 2019.

We have some remaining availability during June-August 2019. Please email for more information.

We also have openings for January-March 2020, May-September 2020, and November-December 2020.

If we have any new openings, we will announce them here on our website.

How Can i apply to be a residential volunteer?

CYF only takes 6 individual volunteers in 1 year. Applicants have to apply at least 3 to 6 months ahead of volunteering time. In order to plan your volunteering project and understand the organisation’s working model, we do not accept applications who have applied without the following documents provided. 

  1. CV

  2. Motivation letter stating why you want to volunteer in CYF and what skills you can contribute to the organisation. 

  3. Police clearance report (background check)

Once approved, an individual will be required to sign and agree to the volunteer guideline policy of the organisation, which we will send after going through your application.

What is it like to be a residential volunteer?

As a residential volunteer, you will join our team on the ground to work with the LVA students. You will stay in the staff house on our campus in Godavari (about a one-hour drive from the center of Kathmandu). You'll help teach classroom lessons, outdoor games, and recreational activities. You'll also help with technical support, fundraising events and report writing. We prioritize volunteer applicants who can have skills they can use at our school, such as teaching music lessons, leading computer classes, or coaching a sport. During your stay of 4-12 weeks, you will play a crucial role in our on-site operations, while also forming great connections with our students and community.

Volunteers must pay for their own travel fees. We will also ask you to pay a monthly room and board fee, which is usually around $100. In return, CYF will provide a safe and fun place to stay, three meals a day with the children, travel assistance, a network of new friends, and a beautiful, unforgettable experience!

Do you offer paid internships?

We are unfortunately not able to offer paid internships at this time. In fact, even our directors are unpaid volunteers. For your internship, we encourage you to seek school credit or funding from your university.

What is the school like for visitors?

Check out our blog's "Home Away From Home" series to hear from several guests who've visited LVA during their travels in Nepal. Click here or scroll down to read posts by Hazel, Florence, Jen, Zander, Justin and Matt.

How can i apply to be an Intern or Volunteer?

Please fill out the form below indicating your interest. We will follow up with you as soon as possible to provide more information for you.

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