The Food Fund at Life Vision Academy

Donate to our Food Fund

It takes a lot of food to fuel this fun.

We love Life Vision Academy because it’s home to all of our happy, playing, growing children. They’re getting bigger every day, and so is our school — we have almost 100 kids at home and we want to reach 200 soon.

Like all kids, our kids love to eat, and like all caregivers, we want to make sure they are happily fed with tasty, nutritious food every day. Food is one of our largest regular costs, and we rely on donors like you to make sure we always have food on the table. We buy organic, locally-grown food and we grow our own organic produce as much as we can.

Our team has transparently outlined our entire raw food budget for the year. Raw food includes staples like rice, flour, oil, noodles, and spices, but does not include the rest of our fresh food like meat, eggs, milk and vegetables. Click here to learn more about what we feed our kids, how much we need, and how much this all costs.

Can you help us serve a healthy meal to a hungry child? Every rupee (or dollar, or Euro, etc.) goes a long way for our long table!

our monthly costs for Raw Food

About npr 1,12,000
usd $1000
eur €900
gbp £800