Sushmita's Journal, #4: Octoberfest and Homecoming!

5 October

We went to October Fest 2017. It was a fundraiser called Pints for People. It was fun helping with tickets and looking around and as well as taking pictures. It was a wonderful night. Sam and I had fun.


6 October

Today I made my clothes ready for the homecoming dance.

7 October

Today I went to Namaste Cafe for lunch with Chris and John. They are a really nice couple. We had dal bhaat (Nepali lentils and rice), vegetables, and Nepali style fried rice. It was yummy and delicious, and we enjoyed it a lot. It felt so good because I was missing Nepali food. 

In the evening we had our homecoming dance, and our groups met at Centennial Lake. My host dad took me there and we took pictures.


I went for dinner with my friends and we had pasta with cheese and chicken. It was yummy and delicious. The funny thing was when my friends went to take selfies in the bathroom.


At 8:30 the dance started and our group started dancing. It was fun dancing because back home at LVA we always dance in a group and I felt it the same. I missed my little brothers and sisters, but we had a lot of fun. Everybody made a big circle and I went inside the circle and danced. It was fun! The dance lasted until 11:30. Overall it was a lot of fun and a new experience.