Sushmita's Journal, #7: Thanksgiving Weekend

18 November

I went to watch a movie with Christian and Dyana. We watched "Murder on the Orient Express." The movie was really nice. We had fun watching it. In the evening, I went out to dinner with all of my host family, because it was my last week with them. We had Greek food. 

19 November

I went to meet my neighbors' two little kids because my host mom said they really wanted to play. I missed my little brothers and sisters from back home so I spent time with them playing games. My host dad and I went out for a walk with the dogs. We went to Lake Calhoun Park. It was super cold so we went to have hot chocolate.


20 November

In cooking class, we started our chicken unit. We made chicken pie. It was really nice and yummy.

21 November

In cooking class, we had "Open Lab," when the groups can choose what to make, so our group made dumplings. And we were all so excited for the five-day weekend.

22 November

This was my last day with my host family. In the morning, we went to the Rotary meeting. We packed boxes for people who don't have anything to eat for Thanksgiving. It was fun doing that. I changed my host family in the evening. I was excited to meet my new family, but also sad to leave my first host family. For dinner, we went out to a Chinese restaurant and we had fried rice.


23 November

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my new host mom's family. There were eighteen people and we had a lot of fun. There were a lot of yummy foods and the turkey was soo good. It was nice to celebrate Thanksgiving with a big family.


24 November

I went with my host mom, her sister and her son to play on trampolines. It was so much fun, even though I fell down! We went for lunch, and then in the evening we went bowling. It was my first time. I liked it and had so much fun.

25 November

We went out to lunch with my host mom's friend.

26 November

I had lunch with my host mom, her sister and their mom. It was fun having lunch with them. At night we went to watch "Wonder." I loved that movie so much.