Home Away From Home: Jen's Perspective

This post is part of a series of anecdotes by people who have visited and given time to CYF during their travels in Nepal. 

My family of 4, myself, my husband Kevin and 2 boys, Zander (18) and Gibby (10) embarked on the most amazing adventure to Nepal, where we visited CYF/LVA. 

The minute we walked on the campus we were greeting with such love and compassion. I mean, seriously, the kids and staff are the most kind people I have ever met. That was a great way to start our stay with them. 

I work for the Crisis Text Line, and am the Founding Supervisor for the organization. It’s a crisis intervention service via text messaging in the United States. I was able to bring some helpful tools for the older kids with talking Self Love and Coping Skills. All the children were so open to learning. They soaked up all the information that I was sharing with them. We went on hikes to talk about things that I don’t think they actually have shared with anyone. I felt special that they were willing to open up about their lives and experiences. I know that suicide among girls of child bearing age is at a high rate in Nepal. I was given the opportunity to connect with the girls there and teach them the warning signs to look out for in their friends and in themselves. Reminding them it’s okay to reach out for support. The are not alone and someone is always there to listen. 

I went there to teach the kids and staff but I came away with such knowledge. I was reminded of my own self love, and how important it is. I was taught the appreciation of the little things. And most importantly, I went away with a whole new family. Thank you CYF/LVA for the most amazing trip for my family. We will never forget you and plan on seeing you again in 2 years.