Sushmita's Journal, #2: First Day of School

September 11


Today is a very special day for me because I am going to start my school and I am very excited. I went to school with Henry and his 3 friends. They were so funny and they made me laugh soo hard because they danced in the car. They were really nice. It was such a wonderful day and I made lot of friends. 

The funniest thing is that I was lost. For me the school is like a dream because I have never seen such a big school in my whole life. I could not find my class and it was amazing and surprising for me because in Nepal, teachers come to our classroom but here we have to go to teachers' classrooms. Henry took me to my first class. He is my host brother and he is very helpful. My counselor had me meet a new girl named Lorean. She is very funny and kind, and as well as helpful too. I am so lucky to get her as my friend. 

My favourite class was English and it was such a funny class. We were only four students. The teachers were also very nice and helpful. In every class, the teachers were good and friendly… I had a wonderful day.

After school I could not get to Henry and his friends because I was lost. I find it so funny. The funniest thing is that there are always six people in the car including me. I am the only girl and I am the smallest person in the car. The boys are really funny and nice. They dance in the car to Korean and hip hop songs. This is how my first day of school was.

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