Earthquake Update

Dear ALL

We would like to inform you that we are all safe . We were lucky it was a saturday and lunch time. But our hostel building is cracked and tilted and we cannot go back to our hostel. We have informed our landlord and he has shown no interest to repair or even advice us to go anywhere else. Thus we are moving out of the space , the building was of 4 floors. We are currently staying in the basketball court , we have camped out for a week now. Though we were lucky with our lives many weren. Many families of the children we support come from Sindhupalchowk the hard hit area and need alot of support , if you can help this would be great! We are fundraising to get 3 PREFABRICATED houses for our children and staff. Please help us if you can

We need help to also to get Prefabricated houses which children can shift into immediately. If you want to help please email us at