Goodbye's and Hello's

Someone somewhere once said that hello's and goodbye's come together. This past week at CYF has been an exhausting one, filled with both of them. 

This weekend, Haushala cooperative member Bishnu Maya Bomzom passed away after a long battle with cancer. Bishnu didi is the mother of LVA students Anil and Anish. She was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer back in 2012; CYF supported her several stages of chemo, radiation, and surgery, bringing her to remission in 2014. Bishnu didi was an active member of the cooperative, knitting merchandise that was sold both in Nepal and in the USA. She was an active supporter of her sons' education, working tirelessly to provide for family in light of her husband's full-body paralysis. Despite her grace and determination, nothing could keep her cancer from returning this year. While it escalated to becoming terminal, Bishnu remained tough throughout her entire fight. We will always hold her close in the CYF, Life Vision Academy, and Haushala families, and we know Anil and Anish will always make her proud. This week we said goodbye to Bishnu didi; we will always remember her as a beautiful person, a strong woman, and a loving mother. 

But as that saying goes, every goodbye brings a new hello. And lately LVA has had its hands full with our newest addition: Tsering. As always, the kids have been great about welcoming in this new face and making him feel at home. And Tsering hasn't been shy... he's been keeping everyone busy with his boundless energy.

As hello's and goodbye's come and go, our LVA family is always transitioning. But, amidst this fluidity, there is a deep-rooted bond of love and respect for one another. We say goodbye with a solemn heart, and we say hello with open arms. And both times, we say Namaste: the Light in me bows to the Light in you.