Sushmita's Journal #9: Fun in January and February

6 January 

My host mom and I had a hot chocolate party! 


10 January 

I took pictures of friends from my literature class. 

13 January 

My host mom and I made rice and alu dum. My host mom really loves alu dam, chat pate, and spicy foods. 

15 January 

I went to Lisa's house and we baked.  It was my first time shoveling snow which was fun.

16 January 

My host mom and I ordered a dress for dance. 

19 January 

My host mom and I went to ICW Cross Downhill World Championships 2017/2018.  There were people from different countries.  It was located in Saint Paul and was so much fun.  It was also super cold. 


20 January 

We had a rotary meeting.  I was so excited because we were meeting exchange students.  We all played games and talked about how with a little help we can change the world or make a difference. It was fun!  After the meeting, Nado came over my house to stay and we played games and did face masks.  We had fun! 

21 January 

Nado, her host parents, my host mom, and I went tubing at Buck Hill.  Dyana and her boyfriend also came to Buck Hill for tubing.  It was so fun! I fell down at first.  We went to have lunch nearby and I had an All-American burger which was so so good and yummy. 


23 January 

I went to Chris and John's house to stay.  I played with Bodie and we went to the grocery store. 

24 January 

It was the last day of our first semester.  We had fun in cooking class and we also don't have class anymore.  Bodie and I played games and had fun.  Gary was there too and we took pictures and played dolls. 

25 January 

I came back home and started packing for Florida. 

26 January 

We took our suitcases and went to the airport. Our flight was at 1:00, but we got there early at 11:00.  We got there, got our tickets and waited for our flight.  It was a 3 hour flight.  It was boring, but I was in the window and made it fun by looking around. After we reached Florida, our host moms' mom came to pick us up.  I am so surprised that she still drives.  We were all starving so our host mom went and bought tacos.  They were so good. 

27 January 

The next day, my host mom and I went boating and we took snacks.  We were pretty late, but it was fine. They waited for us. It was long but fun.  After we went far enough, we went to a beach, took pictures, and collected shells.  Then we came back. 

28 January 

We went to the next beach and relaxed there.  Later in the evening we all went to my host mom's mom's friends house for dinner.  We had spaghetti which was so good.  Then we had coconut cake which was sooooo good.  The weather was good so we ate dinner outside. 

30 January 

We all came back from Florida.  I was sad because I had to come back to cold weather. We went to bed early because we were all so tired. 

3 February 

I got goodies from Amanda D which was so nice. I loved them all so much. 

4 February 

Alexia and I went to watch a movie.  We actually went to watch Shape of Water.  We needed our ID and we both forgot to bring ours, so we decided to watch Wonder.  I had already seen that movie, but Alexia didn't so I went to watch with her.  It was funny because in the beginning she bought popcorn and I didn't and then I went to get popcorn and soda.  Then we went to watch the movie.  Alexia forgot her water, so she went to buy a bottle. It was so funny.  Then we both watched the movie.  She cried at the last part of the movie. After the movie, we went home but it was funny that her phone map didn't work and we had to take three circles around the same spot in Southdale. 

11 February 

It was Sweet Heart Dance day.  I was so excited.  I started getting ready at 3:00. First, my  host mom and I went to get my hair done. Then we came back and started to get ready.  My host mom and I drive to Theatre in West End.  We all took pictures and then at 7:000 we were craving dinner.  It was so packed. We had to wait for some time, and then we decided we would go to the dance as soon as we finished dinner because our dinner was late. The dance was in the International Market Square.  It was full of students. It was so much fun and we danced a lot. After two hours of dancing, we had to leave which was very sad for everyone. Then we all went to Faye's house for a party. We had music and snacks and danced there.  We also played video games and took pictures. The boys were crazy.  Alexia drove me home.  We had a lot of fun, it as lit. 

14 February 

On Valentine's Day there were a lot of roses in canteens.  Girls were not allowed to take the roses. While we were studying, a guy just came in and gave every girl in the class roses and chocolate which was so nice of them. The boys from our class got mad because they didn't get roses and sweets. As soon as we got roses, girls decided to take pictures which was funny.  Then we all took pictures.  Every girl in school had roses and sweets.  Some boys were sad because they didn't get anything from girls.  At the last hour class, the boys wanted to watch the soccer game in class so the teacher let them as it was Valentine's Day. 


15 February 

We packed to go to Milwaukee. 

16 February 

After school, My host mom, Barb and I started driving to Wisconsin. I took my pillow. Barb and my host mom each drove half way. After halfway, we went to have dinner at KFC.  It was such a good dinner. We reached the hotel at 10:50 and we were all so tired. As soon as we reached the room we all slept. 

17 February 

After breakfast we went to watch Dylan's game. He is so good at basketball. After his game we went skating.  It was my first time and it was so scary and slippery. It was fun. I also fell down, it was funny. Before going to dinner I saw an old car. I was wondering how old it must be. We all went to have Nepali dinner in Cheel Restaurant which was exactly the same. There were nepali instruments too. 

18 February 

Nancy and Dylan joined us for breakfast. Then we all went to watch Dylan's game. Dylan was the best player among all. Then we went to the swimming pool because Dylan really wanted to swim. So we went there and watched him swim. After swimming we went to play ping pong which was super super fun. I won every game and we played for an hour. We all went to drop Barb at the airport. Then we went back downtown to bring back Nancy's car. We stayed in the hotel for some time and then we went to have dinner.  We all had burgers. The new thing that I noticed was that each and every table gets a bowl of peanuts. Then after you eat them you just throw them on the floor. The floor of the restaurant was covered in nuts.  After dinner we went to watch a movie called 15:70 in Paris which is a really good movie.  I really love the movie a lot because of all the true stories, and the best part was the chair because it was like a bed. After the incredible movie, Dylan and I went to have molt which is a Milwaukee thing.  It was really good. 

19 February 

It was a great weekend meeting Dylan and Nancy again. My host mom and I came back from Milwaukee. It was a five hour drive and the weather was horrible. At halfway we went to have lunch. Then we still had to drive for two hours.  It was snowing really badly and the window was full of snow so we had to stop and clean the window.  It was really hard to drive. 

20 February 

Alexia, Cecie, and Hannah came to pick me up. We all went to Browndale park to sled. Hannah and I said we wanted to go together first. It was so much fun and as we were going down I whacked my chin on Hannah's hard forehead. We went down like a sandwich because Hannah was on the ground and I was on top of her body. It was hard and fun too.  I fell down and lot and Hannah, Cecie and I were crazy. We went all three at once in a sled. Cecie was below me, I was in the middle, and Hannah was on top of me. It was so much fun.  Hannah and I got a lot of bruises on our chin and face. We all played baby swing and slide. It was a fun day with these amazing girls.