Sushmita's Journal, #6: Halloween, Camp Ihduhapi, and Snowball Fights!


Rotary organized a Halloween party for all the exchange students at Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin. At first we all carved pumpkins. Some of them were carving inside, but we did it outside, even though it was super cold out. Then we went for a walk. Our group went for a long walk and the next group went for a short walk. It was fun to walk in snow! It was my first time in life to see and touch snow. I had never touched snow before. Then we went to the hotel, we had a short meeting and then we went to our room. In my room there were 3 girls and me. We had dinner and we went to put on our costumes. We had a costume competition and it was fun. We took pictures and we had a dance party. Ayui won the costume competition. She should win because she was the scariest among all of us! We danced until 11:30. Some of them went to swim. My friends and I didn’t swim because it was cold. We went to sleep at 3:00am.


Sam, Paco and I had to woke up early at 6:30 because Paco’s host mom was coming to pick us
for Paco's varsity soccer team lunch. But it was such a nice weekend. Later we
took naps because we were so tired. Our eyes were almost shut because we were like owls the whole night haha.


We all were so tired in school.


It was Halloween night. I gave candies to children from our host family. They looked so cute and they were funny. And my host mom gave me the remaining candies to eat.

1 November

My friends went for trick and treating and they brought me candies. I were very happy to get candies because I love them…especially Snickers, soo my friends gave me all the Snickers they had hahah.

2 November

I went to YMCA Camp Ihduhapi in Independence, Minnesota for two days. Me, Paco and a boy from Argentina were the only three exchange students there, and all the other students were from Minnesota. On the bus I met girls from Anushka, Thailand and Mexico. They were nice. When we got there, we headed to our cabin and rested for some time. Then, we went to get our Rotary sweater and ID. We went with our team for a case study and then we decided what role we are going to be for the team. I was Human Resource (HR), and there were 7 people in our team. We worked hard. It was fun working with the group. After that we went for dinner and went to bed at 11:00.

3 November

We woke up at 6:30 and then we went to work on work the case study. Then we had breakfast and listened to speakers. We worked on our case study the whole day. In the evening we had a pizza party and danced. It was a fun night dancing.

4 November

We worked on our final case study and we practiced a lot. At 11:00 we went to do our presentation. Our topic was personal transportation bikes and our company name was MY MECON RIDE. After we finished we went pack our stuff. We had a snow fight and it was fun with friends. We packed our stuff and then came back in 3:00 pm. My host dad came to pick me up. I was tired but more than that I had fun in the snow and learning about business. In the evening, my host mom told me the time will change 1 step back for Daylight Savings. I didn’t understand in the beginning.

5 November

I didn’t remember the time and I woke up at the usual time on my clock. I was early for breakfast, and my host dad, host mom and I laughed looking each other. Then I went to church with Paula and Angela. It was really chilly and cold out because of cold wind. I had a lot of homework so I did all my homework and got some rest from the weekend.