CYF School Building Project

When CYF’s Founder Haushala Thapa and her friends rescued 14 children in December of 2008 from an orphanage home in Balaju, they weren’t sure  what the future of these children would hold. Today in 2015 with the support of individuals, friends and family from around the world CYF has been able to support the education of 36 children and run a school called Life Vision Academy which is dedicated towards providing world class education for underprivileged children in Nepal.

With growing children, small spaces and paying rents our Founder Haushala Thapa realized that CYF/LVA needed to have something sustainable. We needed to build our own school! We cannot build our school just by ourselves but we need your help ! With the support from our CYF branch in Austria also known as CYF Oesterrich we have received donation from LOPOCA to buy our own land and now we need YOUR help to build on it!

Your support can be small but we will make sure it reaches the right place. Our plan is to finish building our school within 2017.

To know more please email us.