6 Months Since #NepalQuake: Where We Are Today

On April 25, everything changed.

Today marks six months since the 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Kathmandu Valley, triggering hundreds of earthquakes and aftershocks. These six months have been a roller coaster. Our relief projects would not have been possible without the support of our donors and friends. Thank you all for everything you've done to help Nepal rebuild. Your impact has truly made a world of a difference. 


All donations to our earthquake relief fund enabled us to deliver immediate aid and to develop long-term recovery projects. We distributed emergency supplies, set up temporary shelters, and helped rebuild schools. We reached villages that the government never helped. We brought a rescue helicopter to remote areas. And we put a roof over the heads of our own children, replacing our crumbled dormitory with three prefabricated houses.


All donations to Life Vision Academy have brought us closer than ever to a new school facility. When construction concludes next year, we'll open the doors of our dream home to 200 children. The earthquake took countless victims, including education; over one million students didn't have a school anymore on April 26. The new LVA will provide long-term earthquake relief by giving more kids a place to learn and the tools to grow.

It's not only about monetary donations; your friendship and solidarity have powered us through these six months. We've received so much support from friends, family, mentors and (former) strangers all around the world. The helpfulness of your hope, concern and advice is unquantifiable. Thank you for taking on this disaster with us. We are so grateful to have you as a part of our community.

We've come a long way, but we still have so much left to do. Together, we can keep rebuilding Nepal and create a safe future for the youngest generation. By donating today, you can help us finish these relief projects and push on towards our future. Thank you for your support!