CYF was founded in 2009 by nine young adults from Kathmandu's urban periphery.

It all started when Founder-Director Haushala Thapa and two of friends discovered an abusive orphanage in the north of Kathmandu. With the help of the local community and police, they shut the orphanage down overnight and rescued all 14 children.

To hear what happened next, check out our TEDx talk!



We are building a better tomorrow for children, women and minorities in Nepal. Our core mission is to create fair and just opportunities for disadvantaged kids and teens from Nepal's marginalised communities. We strive to develop their abilities and capacities to the fullest extent, enabling them to live dignified lives in society and encouraging them to be creative, self-confident leaders. Our main focus is giving children the access to their rights and providing a peaceful environment for quality education. Our mission is also to encourage fair and just opportunities for marginalised women. After the 2015 earthquakes, our dedication to Nepal's disadvantaged communities widened to include sustainable earthquake relief efforts.



This generation represents the future of Nepal. We want to see them given the opportunity to be capable and confident, and to have control over the factors affecting their lives and their families' lives. We firmly believe that a family's income should not be the barrier to their child's education level or type of education. Education is meant for all!

Our boarding school caters to children who come from economically challenged families, children with single parents, and children of migrant workers. At Life Vision Academy, we provide access to holistic education, health services, recreation, personal and life skills development, and a safe home, free from the abuse and exploitation that many of these children have faced. LVA plays a vital role in connecting the gap between these families and their children's right to education. 

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